As your family grows and your lifestyle changes, you may find that your home is no longer big enough for you. While moving to a larger house might seem like the only solution, a more practical and cost-effective option to explore is building a house extension. An extension allows you to make the most of your existing property and you can create the extra space you need without the hassle of uprooting your lives and relocating. 


Designing a bespoke house extension, whether you opt for a single-storey extension or a double-storey extension, offers several benefits. With a few different types of extensions available too, including; side extensions, rear extensions and wrap-around extensions, there is a feasible solution for every home. Below we have looked into how adding an extension to your house can help you to maximise your living space. 


Create Extra Space

When your house feels cramped, it can take a toll on your well-being. Whether you need more space for your children to play, to enable you to entertain guests or so that you can work from home, building an extension is a great way to make your house more suitable for your family. There are so many ways you can use the extra space an extension provides and you can improve the flow of your home, making it more enjoyable and comfortable to live in. 

Personalised Design and Build

One of the biggest benefits of house extensions is the ability to tailor the design according to your specific needs and preferences. Unlike moving to a new house, where you often have to compromise on certain features, an extension allows you to create your dream space from scratch. You can design the layout, choose the windows and doors, and incorporate unique features that align with your lifestyle and taste.

Add Value to Your Property

Not only can an extension provide you with the additional space you need, but you can typically recoup some of the house extension costs when you eventually sell your home. A well-executed house extension can increase the value of your property and the additional living space adds to the overall appeal of your home too, making it more attractive to potential buyers in the future. The cost of house extensions can vary depending on several factors and this project may be more affordable than you think. It’s a smart investment for any property. 

Complement the Existing Structure

A house extension can be designed to blend seamlessly with your original house. When done right, the extension should look like a natural continuation of the existing structure, rather than an add-on. Working with experienced designers and contractors will help you to ensure the extension works well with the overall aesthetics of your home. You can ensure that every small detail is perfect and your home feels complete once the work is finished. 

Maximise Natural Light 

In addition to providing you with more square footage, a house extension can make your living space feel bright and airy. Extensions are designed to make the most of natural light with strategically placed windows, skylights and doors. Your new extension can make your home more inviting and help to connect your house and garden. If you enjoy spending time outside, large sliding or bi-folding doors will help you to bring the outdoors in. 

Multi-Functional Space

When designing a house extension, you can create a space that is multi-functional and able to meet all of your family’s needs. Consider versatile layouts that can serve different purposes. For instance, a home office that doubles as a guest bedroom is ideal for when family or friends visit. A kitchen that has an island or dining area is perfect for meal times and catch-ups with loved ones. Utilising the space efficiently will ensure you get the most out of your extension.

Investing in a House Extension 

It’s fair to say that building an extension is an excellent way to create the home of your dreams and get the extra space you need. A well-planned extension can transform your living space and provide you with somewhere you enjoy spending time. 

If you need some assistance designing and building an extension, our team at Steve Rolt Home Improvements is here to help. We have many years of experience helping homeowners create the additional space they need and we provide an end-to-end service. Our team can even answer any questions you may have about permitted development and planning permission. 

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